Pesto Chicken with Roasted Vegetables


I am having one of my really great friends over for dinner tonight and decided to make her a wonderful dish with mixed vegetables and pesto chicken.
I had made this dish for a client recently, and it was such a hit!
I couldn’t wait to make it again.
This dish includes organic ingredients:
Raw kale (hiding underneath the yumminess!)
Baby bok choy
Organic chicken
Organic Pesto

 Chicken Prepping and cook:
1. First, I marinated the chicken in organic pesto.
2. I placed the chicken in parchment paper, wrapped it and then wrapped the parchment paper in aluminum foil.
3. I NEVER let my food touch aluminum foil. I placed the wrapped chicken on a baking sheet and cooked at 400F for 20 minutes.
4. I uncovered the chicken and cooked for another 10 minutes, flipping it half way through.
5. Unwrap the chicken. Allow to cool and place in dish.

Vegetable Prep and Cook:
I always wash fresh produce, not matter what. I use vegetable wash mixed with water for 30 seconds and then rinse.
I brushed avocado oil  on the vegetables.
Roasted at 400F for 30-35 minutes.

Fresh Farmer’s Market vegetables are included in this wonderful dish!
What’s wonderful about this delicious dish is that it’s fun, easy to make, and most items are on sale!
Organic chicken for $4.99/lb
Organic Grapes for $1.69/lb
365 Sparkling Water 2/$6

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