Organic Beef Fajitas


Having some friends over and they decided on Fajitas!
I was super excited and my creativity wheels began spinning.
I wanted to obviously keep this meal super healthy and nutritious, but tasty at the same time.
Here is what I came up with!

Ezekiel Wraps
Organic Kale
Grass-fed Beef
Organic Bell Peppers
Organic Mushrooms
Organic Scallions
Organic Avocado
Feta Cheese
Can’t forget the sparking wine!

Sautee beef in skillet with avocado oil, add 1/4 cup filtered water, and season as you like.
I seasoned the beef with cumin, garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt, and black pepper.
Continue to pay attention to the meat and mix and stir in skillet until cook thoroughly.
Wash all fresh produce, rinse and chop.
Layer ingredients as noted above.

These delicious and fresh ingredients are from Whole Foods Market. 
What is even better is that they were on sale!
Who doesn’t love a good sale?! 

Sparkling Wine 20% off
Organic Kale $1/bunch
90% Lean Beef at $3.99/lb 

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